Earshot Cafe Flower Food  Cheque Watching Reception Reception 2 Gals

On 8th March, WMD celebrated its first anniversary at Earshot Cafe in Arts House. Besides recognizing WMD volunteers for their hard work, the greatest reason for celebration was hitting the target of $25,000 in donation to UNIFEM Singapore.

The event would not be possible without the kind sponsors for the venue, flowers, food and drinks. Neither would it be a glamorous event without the presence and support of the local celebrities – Karen, Beatrice, Michelle Cynthia and Nanz. 

The highlight of the event came when WMD presented a S$25,000 cheque to UNIFEM. A great sense of achievement swept over me (Hey, I am the champion t-shirt lady!). S$25,000 wasn't a huge sum but it certainly was the sweat and efforts of all volunteers combined. We ladies vow to work harder this year and do whatever we can to help the women and children out of the pit, give them hope and a better tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, WMD! Ladies, a big round of applause for ourselves!!!