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Disappointingly, the 2 internet whiz 'kids', iPood guy and partner, failed to impress me at "The Internet Wealth Code" seminar. The prelude to the seminar deserved a big round of applause but not the seminar.

The 2-day event unexpectedly turned out to be a series of mini sales previews with each speaker making using of some air-time to sell their coaching service and package deal. I was aghast that, instead of solid learning of the industry secrets , strategies, tips and tricks from the 'gurus', all I got was boredom. Newbies to internet marketing might find the seminar acceptable but not me.

The event was a short change. For paying $495 for the seminar, I expected at least coffee and tea to be served during the breaks. But no, the organizer decided to make their money worth by supplying only water to the 350 guests. But there wasn’t enough water and glasses to go around and I had to resort to drinking tap water to quench my thirst!

Throughout the 2 full days, the audience was systematically lured with irresistible offers given out by the speakers. Huge discounts were given to make the offers looked like a steal. Outside the hall, some helpless people confessed how confused they were by the array of offers. I assured them that there was no need to rush to buy, and they should do some research or talk to people to find out more before jumping on the bandwagon. My logic was simple: Those internet marketing gurus are surely gurus of consumer's psychology too, and they have a way in getting people to buy things from them. My advice to those folks was: When in doubt, stay calm and in control. Learn to say 'NO' to those offers.

The power of hype was irrepressible and it started to look scary.

("The Interent Wealth Code" seminar was organized by Success Resources Pte Ltd on 24-25 March, 2006 at YWCA Fort Canning Lodge Hotel.)

banana Personal Rating: Can give it a miss if there is a repeat.