Flyer Cynthia & Volunteers Cheryl Tay Cheryl In Action

The dynamic, big-hearted volunteers from WMD were again in action last Friday, helping to take the message to the weekend crowd at the travel fair that child sex tourism is an offence. Guess which celebrities came to help? Cheryl Tay and Cynthia Lee !!! The girls seemed to have truckloads of fun at the travel fair distributing fliers and educating the public on fighting against child sex tourism.   

As a volunteer with WMD campaigning the cause, I have heard many horrific stories about the exploited women and children in the neighbouring countries. I feel deeply for them for the pain and suffering they are going through. Since I couldn’t be involved at the travel fair last Friday due to my busy schedule, I am now doing my bit here to spread the message to my readers.    

My message for Singapore men: It is a shame that Singapore men have become notorious for traveling to the Indonesian island of Batam for cheap sex with girls. Guys, you are not helping the girls by sleeping with them. Because there is demand for young girls and there is money to make for supplying them, the syndicates either kidnap the girls from the villages or trick them into the flesh trade with false promises of jobs in town or overseas. For your information, the average wage of a child prostitute should be $1,186 but she gets only $32 !!! A meager income that is only enough to feed herself and left nothing to send back home or pay the heavy debt that the brothel claims that she owes. You are helping the syndicates and the pimps to get rich, and you are making yourself a partner in crime !!! Guys, we are watching you. You can run, but you can't hide.

WMD message for Singaporeans:  Please help stop paedophiles from preying on children by reporting abuse. If you know a friend or a relative who is visiting child prostitutes in Thailand or Batam, talk to them. Point out to them the harm they are doing to these girls. 

If you suspect a girl or woman is being trafficked for sex or is powerless to get out of such a situtation, call: 

  • HOME ( at 6341 5525 or 6341 7538, or make reports at their help desk at Lucky Plaza #06-22 from 10am – 6pm on Sunday. 
  • AWARE at 1800 774 5935

Or, if you want to play an active part in fighting the scourge of child sex tourism, sign up as a volunteer with the women’s advocacy groups in Singapore. I will point you to the right organization to join.

We can help make a difference and bring these women and children some hope !

(Find out more information on child prostitution issues by visiting