What's the latest? 

A friend commented that my blog is a gossip column when I asked him if he has read it recently. Piqued by his remark, as soon as I went home, I switched on my lappy, popped up my blog page and pored over every word in search of the slightest trace of a gossip. Was my most recent entry about the anniversary celebration of the volunteering group that I am actively helping out a gossip? Was the entry about my family reunion a gossip? How about the sharing of a success story of a close friend? And what about my writing about the joy of meeting a long lost friend, was it a gossip too?  

After poring over all the entries , I was not convinced that I have a gossipy blog, so I looked up Oxford dictionary for the meaning: 


  1. Trivial chatty talk, or writing;
  2. Rumour or talk of a personal, sensational or intimate nature.

I wondered if that friend of mine meant my blog is trivial chatty writing (and therefore not worth a read); or did he really think that I am spreading rumours in my blog? Hmm, did I not detect a slight tint of contempt from his look when he made that remark? 

Besides those bloggers who love to sensationalize news, there is another group of mature, civic-minded, responsible bloggers who write issues that are close to their hearts and concern the society. I relate myself to the latter. But sad to say, whatever we write has little credibility to some people, and by default we are just a bunch of gossipmongers. To me, people who stereotype bloggers are narrowed-minded beings and have very little contribution to the advancement of a thinking society. Maybe it’s time that I strike out some names from my contact list.