Protest Pensive Interview


This guy is cool. I think I am going crazy over him. Tall, handsome, charming, successful – he has everything a woman wants in her man. But no, these are not the qualities that attract me to him. There are many guys who share the same qualities, and he is just one of them. 

This guy has been in the news and he is gaining popularity outside his country. But I took notice of him only recently when I read about his one-man protest in front of a building in Gwanghwamun. He had joined his peers in a series of one-man protests to ask the local government to withdraw the plan for imposing screen quota for the film making industry. Knowing that he is already an established actor with huge fans base locally and overseas, I am certain that the protest was not another publicity stunt for himself.

Not known to many of my friends, I have a weakness for man who stands up for what he believes. That picture of Jang holding a picket captured my heart instantly. Apparently, the reporters love him too. Impressed by how humble, considerate, caring and compassionate Jang is, the reporters have good things only to write about him. I seriously think that he is a great guy. (Am I naïve?)  

I am so happy that I finally found my dream guy.  

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