Can money buy happiness? Yeah, I think so. Are richer people happier ? Perhaps, since they never have to worry about having bills rolling in at the end of every month. They have the money to buy whatever they want, go wherever they desire, do things they like. Aren’t they lucky? They should be happy.   

How come I don’t remember being happy when I was holding a well-paid crappy job (actually the job wasn’t crappy, my boss was). I didn’t find myself feeling extraordinarily happy during then. The weekend shopping was excellent, the frequent short getaway was great and splurging money on my family made me feel good. Everything was so darn cool but I wasn’t really happy. At the back of my mind, I wanted something else and I kept looking and looking despite not knowing what it was. I recalled myself being much more happier when I was a child although our family was going through a difficult time. The family outings and occasional luxury that our parents indulged on us made me HAPPY. That happiness was different from the happiness I experienced after buying a pair of fashionable shoes or a trendy handbag.

It hit upon me recently that what I have been searching is REAL HAPPINESS; not the superficial happiness from materialistic gain. But you know what? I have also realized that happiness loves to play hide-and-seek. He enjoys playing hard-to-get. Grrrr …. Miss nice lady here is not happy about it.


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