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Has anyone read the book, 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus'? I am convinced that women and men have communication problem.

Flashed back. A few months back when I went to the wrong hotel for an event, I approached a guy at the front desk for direction and was told to go to the King’s Hotel to get to the Furama Riverfront Hotel. Both hotels, according to him, were next to each other. Nodding my head, I politely asked him where the King’s Hotel was and was told that it was next to the Furama Riverfront Hotel. Smiling, I then asked him where Furama Riverfront hotel was, and he told me it was next to the King’s Hotel. (He assumed I know where the King's Hotel was) My subsequent frantic attempts to draw out an answer from him were futile. Exasperated, I asked in a not-so-polite tone for the road name (now I wanted him to be specific) and I almost chewed up his head when he told me he had no idea!

Desperate, I sought help from a friend. His reply on the phone was not helpful either. “Where you are now is not the Furama Riverfront Hotel. You should take a cab to the Furama Riverfront Hotel.” Grrr…. what's wrong with these guys?

Playing forward. Today, I asked a friend for instructions on the insertion of visitor’s tracker log into my blog page. He said I would need a php file, and I should see the file somewhere, and I should be able to upload the file after that. Great, but where on earth do I locate the file? He couldn't explain how to find it. Poor guy. Is giving clear instructions so difficult?