This week, I am reading one of Malcolm Gladwell’s best selling book, “Blink”. Half way through chapter 1, I suddenly had a crazy idea. I wished I could make a recommendation to the Registry of Marriage (R.O.M.) to make all young couples take a test before allowing them to register for marriage. The test would model after the ‘Love Lab’ test conducted by John Gottman and his team. 

Since 1980s, John Gottman has been conducting the ‘Love Lab’ test on thousands of couples. Couples are brought into a small room where they are videotaped while they talk about something involving their marriage. By watching the fifteen-minute videotape and analyzing a couple’s facial expressions and their positive and negative emotions, John Gottman and his team can predict with 95 percent accuracy if the couple's marriage would last and for how long.  

I am totally blown away by the ‘Love Lab’ test. If only R.O.M. would make young couples go through a similar test and help some of them realize that they are incompatible in their relationship, wouldn’t the divorce rate in Singapore drop drastically?  

Laugh at me if you wish; I am somehow convinced that the ‘Love Lab’ test is the way to go.