Poster_2 Lady Vengeance Choi Min-shik

I bought a few Korean DVDs this week and I have just finished watching the award-winning movie,  “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”.  Starring Lee Young-ae and Choi Min-shik (one of my fav korean actors), the movie is about a woman who embarks on a revenge quest after serving 13 and ½ years in prision.   

Actress Lee Young-ae surprised me with her convincing portrayal of an anguish victim in this movie. Compared to her other earlier movies, this is by far her best performance and I really think she deserves a standing ovation.  

Character actor, Choi Min-shik, also executed his role to perfection in the movie. Though an average looking guy, this man sure can act. I have been watching his movies for as long as I can remember.  

The movie has several powerful and nerve-shocking scenes but the most memorable scene to me was when mother and daughter met on the street in the snowing night. My tears started rolling down my cheeks when lady vengeance told her daughter these: “Be white.” “Live white.” A sinner mother’s wish for her young daughter to grow up pure and innocent is deeply moving.  


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