May 2006


Everyday my fondness for the internet grows as I discover more quirky stuff online. Today, I had a good laugh reading a compilation of the strangest and funniest profile subject headers of some personal ads. Here are some that I really like:

1) Ok, I'm here. Now what's your other two wishes?

2) Love is a sweet dream and marriage is the alarm clock.

3) We make a perfect couple: I've got the brains and you've got the body!

4) Since light travels faster than sound, is that why some people appear bright until they speak?

5) I'm like poop. The older I get, the easier I am to pick up!

6) Very sexy…with the right backlighting.

7) I like my men to be like my bra – supportive!

8) Just like a new job, I offer excellent benefits.

9) My prince took the wrong turn, got lost, and was too damn stubborn to ask for directions.

10) Beauty Fades. Dumb is Forever. 

I wonder how I should write mine if one day I decided to put up a personal ad for myself?


suck big time

At an event in a local hotel …

A short, plump and frumpy woman interrupted my friend and I while we were chatting.


Frump to my friend: "It's time you give away your jacket."

Friend and I: "Huh?"

Me to Frump: "There is nothing wrong with her jacket. It looks ok."

Frump to my friend: "It's too tight for you."

Me (thinking): "Awww … "

Friend to Frump: "It's NOT too tight for me. It looks stretched because there are lots of things stuffed inside both pockets."

Frump to Friend: "But it's true that women grow in size when we get older."

Friend growled at Frump: "I am NOT that old!"


Geez, I feel sorry for that woman. What can be worse than having an ugly look with lousy personality and disastrous social skills?

Money Stack 

Ja.NICE, you're a Millionaire Material Medium Low!

You work hard for your money, but it just never seems to make you any richer, right? That's because you're just regular folk, baby. And that's A-okay. Really. (It worked for the Conners on Roseanne, didn't it?) Maybe you're not the best financial manager ever to walk the earth, but chances are money's not really all that important to you. So what if your job has never made anyone rich? You don't care. If you'd wanted to be rich, you'd have had to make that your number one priority and forget about lots of other things — like having fun and spending lots of time with family and friends. It's better to enjoy yourself while you can than spend your time drooling over a bank balance. Sure, you probably wish life wasn't such hard work and that one of those lottery tickets would finally pay off, but all in all we know you're doing okay. Congrats!


This test is so true. I love money but I refuse to work hard for it. Why? Because I believe there are other more important things in life than making money, like having a great relationship with friends and family, having quality time for myself, having fun and lots of laugh, etc. A fortune teller said I won't be rich this life (sob!) but I will get by and don't have to worry about money when I grow old. That's nice. 🙂 

I miss you

The sweetest text message I received this week was from a guy who I fondly call ‘Ah Di’ meaning ‘little brother’ in chinese. His message came in when I was at a conference listening attentively to a multi-millionaire about making fortune from real estate investment. Ah Di’s message was about an event that we are organizing and towards the end of the message, he wrote: “ … why are you not online recently? … miss you darling jie …”. (PS: ‘Jie’ in chinese means ‘big sister’). My heart instantly melted. His message made me want to run home ASAP amid the conference and go online to chat with him.

Among all the words I know, I find one of the most powerful ones are: “I miss you”. Equally effective as “I love you”, “I miss you” never fail to touch my heart and make me turn soft upon hearing them. I am sure most people feel the same.

Imagine having a busy day in the office and feeling flustered about rushing to meet the afternoon’s deadline, a text message on our cell phone comes in. Agitated, we wonder who that irritating person is sending us a message at the most inappropriate timing. Reluctantly, we check the message and see this: “Thinking of you and wondering how you are doing today. Miss you.” Suddenly, a nice warm feeling fill our heart. We slump back into the chair, eyes teary, and our work stress miraculously vapourizes into thin air. Nothing matters anymore at that moment. Nothing. Nobody else exists in our world except that person who has just said miss us.

Next time, when you do miss somone, make it known. It means a lot to anybody knowing that somewhere out there someone is thinking of him or her.

(PS: My heart-felt thanks to Ah Di for sending the sweet message and lifting up my mood that day.)

Thumbs up

At a halloween party last year, a descent-looking guy who dressed up as an arabian prince told me to look out for his parents for him when they arrived. I was there to raise fund for a women's advocacy group but was mistaken as the event organizer. I agreed to help him anyway and we started chatting. The guy told me he had invited his parents to join him for halloween celebration and I asked why. "My parents are cool," was his reply. I was a little envious of him but at the same time, I was also skeptical. We all know that parents are just …  parents, how cool could they be? Later that night, the guy came forward to introduce his parents to me. His mother was a pleasant woman in her early forties. With her short cropped hair, white tube and tight-fitting blue jeans, she looked rather trendy and sporty. I spotted a tattoo on her left arm and thought she really did look cool. I stood there smiling at her and secretly wishing my mother could be like her.

It got me thinking how many of us had secretly wished for cool parents? I certainly had. There were many times I wished that my parents were hip and cool people, and they would join me and my friends for sports and parties. There were also times that I wished they were my good friends and we could talk about anything under the sun. But having wished all that, I don't feel ashamed of my parents at all. Not being cool is not their fault when bread and butter issue was more pressing than being cool during their time. There were many mouths to feed in the family and they had to work long hours to make ends meet. They have tried their best to raise the children and I should not expect more. So, even though they are not what I considered as 'cool' parents, they still deserve thumbs-up from me for being good parents.

Looking Torn

Does age play a part on how attached we become to our family? When I was a little girl, I always tagged along with my family wherever they went. At that time, going out with my family seemed like a fun thing to do. It also made me feel belonged and wanted. The same feeling switched lane as I grew older and had my own friends. I drifted away from my family and together with my friends, I ventured into the adult world with zeal and excitement. The fun element, however, did not last. After some years, I grew tired of the colorful world that once overwhelmed me and began to stay home more often. I started looking forward to the weekend visits by my married siblings and their kids, and the occasional family outings. All of a sudden, the old warm feeling that I had missed for many years came rushing back. It was yesterday once more; I felt happy and contented spending time with my family. 

Absurd it may sound but it is true that I have grown very attached to my family to the extent that I feel torn inside whenever I am being pulled away from them by a weekend engagment. It is the same guilty feeling that a mother experiences when she has to leave her baby at home while she goes to work. Maybe this is not a good example but ah well, you know what I mean. 

Divi CAM 428 

I have a new toy this week. It is a Creative DiVi CAM 428 and I got it FREE! Free is good, isn’t it? That is why I am chirping like a happy little bird. 

I tested my new toy on Monday. The instructions on video recording are simple to follow. I did not encounter problem while doing video recording and was pleased that the video quality turned out pretty okay. But I did have some problems when transferring the video file to my laptop and getting help through the technical support hotline was a little hassle. I finally got the help I wanted and transferred the video file. The video editing function is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Without reading any instruction manual, I was able to edit the video file on my own. Considering that I am not an IT savvy person, that was a little achievement for me. 

I also tested the voice recording and camera functions. Regrettably the quality of the sound and image is slightly below my expectation. I think I have been too pampered by my superb NIKON COOLPIX Digicam and cannot accept anything that falls short of the same quality level. Nevertheless, I am still pretty happy with the multi-functional camcorder. The little gadget is stylish looking, light-weight and portable, and not forgetting that it is FREE, what more could I ask for?

I am eagerly looking forward to the next KTV session with my friends. I think I am going to have fun again doing the video recording.

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