My Laptop

I was having coffee and reading a book in a food court when I saw a young couple snapping pictures of some plates of food that they bought for lunch. It was funny watching the guy sprawling on the table trying to get a good camera angle of the tray of food, while his girlfriend standing around looking embarrassed. 

I kind of see a little of myself in what the guy was doing (ie. the snapping pictures part, not the sprawling on table part) and I think blogging is making everyone look crazy. We snap pictures of almost everything that crosses our path, write about them in our blog and show the 'evidence' to our friends thinking that they might be interested to know. But do they really care? Are they really interested? My guess is that our blog does not mean much to them.

So, let say our friends are not interested in what we blog about, why do we continue to blog? What do we want to achieve by blogging? Can anyone tell me?