PAP Rally

No opposition party and therefore no distraction to the government is what makes Singapore succeed? Did I read it correctly in the Straits Times?

At the PAP’s lunchtime rally yesterday, Prime Minister Lee has reported saying that since there are only three opposition members in Parliament right now, the government can still manage them. However, it seems he is concerned if more opposition members got elected. He went further to cite an example of how opposition parties hamper Taiwan’s progress. I have questions racing in my head while reading the report: Why talked about Taiwan only? Why not also cite other countries where there are strong opposition parties and still remain strong and progressive as a nation? Is the government telling me that they can’t handle more opposition members, so please let us stop at three, if not less?

Now, I am really concerned. We are entrusting the PAP government to run Singapore and deal with foreign countries on international issues and now they are telling us they can’t cope with the opposition members. I hope my interpretation of PM Lee’s rally speech is wrong since I was not there personally at the rally to listen to him. But from what I read from the newspaper today, it certainly causes some concerns and I must say it is not very comforting.