Um ?


There is another talking point in town after the election. Everyone is debating whether 66% votes signify a strong mandate from the people as what the government is claiming.  

What is the truth? The truth is: PAP did receive the most votes in this election and they will continue to govern Singapore for the next five years. It is not our job to do a post-mortem for them on the election result and I see no point in discussing the issue on ‘strong mandate’. For those of us who have voted, we have done our part as citizens of Singapore to tell them what we wish for the nation. We have appraised them based on their merits and demerits and the ball is now in their court to show us what they can do for us for the next five years.  

I have a lot respect for the PAP government and I think most Singaporeans do. We are not a bunch of disgruntled and unappreciative citizens like what some foreigners see us. The fact is that we do love our country dearly and we want it to progress and become a better home for all of us. 

The election is over. Shall we move on?