Divi CAM 428 

I have a new toy this week. It is a Creative DiVi CAM 428 and I got it FREE! Free is good, isn’t it? That is why I am chirping like a happy little bird. 

I tested my new toy on Monday. The instructions on video recording are simple to follow. I did not encounter problem while doing video recording and was pleased that the video quality turned out pretty okay. But I did have some problems when transferring the video file to my laptop and getting help through the technical support hotline was a little hassle. I finally got the help I wanted and transferred the video file. The video editing function is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Without reading any instruction manual, I was able to edit the video file on my own. Considering that I am not an IT savvy person, that was a little achievement for me. 

I also tested the voice recording and camera functions. Regrettably the quality of the sound and image is slightly below my expectation. I think I have been too pampered by my superb NIKON COOLPIX Digicam and cannot accept anything that falls short of the same quality level. Nevertheless, I am still pretty happy with the multi-functional camcorder. The little gadget is stylish looking, light-weight and portable, and not forgetting that it is FREE, what more could I ask for?

I am eagerly looking forward to the next KTV session with my friends. I think I am going to have fun again doing the video recording.