Looking Torn

Does age play a part on how attached we become to our family? When I was a little girl, I always tagged along with my family wherever they went. At that time, going out with my family seemed like a fun thing to do. It also made me feel belonged and wanted. The same feeling switched lane as I grew older and had my own friends. I drifted away from my family and together with my friends, I ventured into the adult world with zeal and excitement. The fun element, however, did not last. After some years, I grew tired of the colorful world that once overwhelmed me and began to stay home more often. I started looking forward to the weekend visits by my married siblings and their kids, and the occasional family outings. All of a sudden, the old warm feeling that I had missed for many years came rushing back. It was yesterday once more; I felt happy and contented spending time with my family. 

Absurd it may sound but it is true that I have grown very attached to my family to the extent that I feel torn inside whenever I am being pulled away from them by a weekend engagment. It is the same guilty feeling that a mother experiences when she has to leave her baby at home while she goes to work. Maybe this is not a good example but ah well, you know what I mean.