Thumbs up

At a halloween party last year, a descent-looking guy who dressed up as an arabian prince told me to look out for his parents for him when they arrived. I was there to raise fund for a women's advocacy group but was mistaken as the event organizer. I agreed to help him anyway and we started chatting. The guy told me he had invited his parents to join him for halloween celebration and I asked why. "My parents are cool," was his reply. I was a little envious of him but at the same time, I was also skeptical. We all know that parents are just …  parents, how cool could they be? Later that night, the guy came forward to introduce his parents to me. His mother was a pleasant woman in her early forties. With her short cropped hair, white tube and tight-fitting blue jeans, she looked rather trendy and sporty. I spotted a tattoo on her left arm and thought she really did look cool. I stood there smiling at her and secretly wishing my mother could be like her.

It got me thinking how many of us had secretly wished for cool parents? I certainly had. There were many times I wished that my parents were hip and cool people, and they would join me and my friends for sports and parties. There were also times that I wished they were my good friends and we could talk about anything under the sun. But having wished all that, I don't feel ashamed of my parents at all. Not being cool is not their fault when bread and butter issue was more pressing than being cool during their time. There were many mouths to feed in the family and they had to work long hours to make ends meet. They have tried their best to raise the children and I should not expect more. So, even though they are not what I considered as 'cool' parents, they still deserve thumbs-up from me for being good parents.