I miss you

The sweetest text message I received this week was from a guy who I fondly call ‘Ah Di’ meaning ‘little brother’ in chinese. His message came in when I was at a conference listening attentively to a multi-millionaire about making fortune from real estate investment. Ah Di’s message was about an event that we are organizing and towards the end of the message, he wrote: “ … why are you not online recently? … miss you darling jie …”. (PS: ‘Jie’ in chinese means ‘big sister’). My heart instantly melted. His message made me want to run home ASAP amid the conference and go online to chat with him.

Among all the words I know, I find one of the most powerful ones are: “I miss you”. Equally effective as “I love you”, “I miss you” never fail to touch my heart and make me turn soft upon hearing them. I am sure most people feel the same.

Imagine having a busy day in the office and feeling flustered about rushing to meet the afternoon’s deadline, a text message on our cell phone comes in. Agitated, we wonder who that irritating person is sending us a message at the most inappropriate timing. Reluctantly, we check the message and see this: “Thinking of you and wondering how you are doing today. Miss you.” Suddenly, a nice warm feeling fill our heart. We slump back into the chair, eyes teary, and our work stress miraculously vapourizes into thin air. Nothing matters anymore at that moment. Nothing. Nobody else exists in our world except that person who has just said miss us.

Next time, when you do miss somone, make it known. It means a lot to anybody knowing that somewhere out there someone is thinking of him or her.

(PS: My heart-felt thanks to Ah Di for sending the sweet message and lifting up my mood that day.)