Money Stack 

Ja.NICE, you're a Millionaire Material Medium Low!

You work hard for your money, but it just never seems to make you any richer, right? That's because you're just regular folk, baby. And that's A-okay. Really. (It worked for the Conners on Roseanne, didn't it?) Maybe you're not the best financial manager ever to walk the earth, but chances are money's not really all that important to you. So what if your job has never made anyone rich? You don't care. If you'd wanted to be rich, you'd have had to make that your number one priority and forget about lots of other things — like having fun and spending lots of time with family and friends. It's better to enjoy yourself while you can than spend your time drooling over a bank balance. Sure, you probably wish life wasn't such hard work and that one of those lottery tickets would finally pay off, but all in all we know you're doing okay. Congrats!


This test is so true. I love money but I refuse to work hard for it. Why? Because I believe there are other more important things in life than making money, like having a great relationship with friends and family, having quality time for myself, having fun and lots of laugh, etc. A fortune teller said I won't be rich this life (sob!) but I will get by and don't have to worry about money when I grow old. That's nice. ðŸ™‚