suck big time

At an event in a local hotel …

A short, plump and frumpy woman interrupted my friend and I while we were chatting.


Frump to my friend: "It's time you give away your jacket."

Friend and I: "Huh?"

Me to Frump: "There is nothing wrong with her jacket. It looks ok."

Frump to my friend: "It's too tight for you."

Me (thinking): "Awww … "

Friend to Frump: "It's NOT too tight for me. It looks stretched because there are lots of things stuffed inside both pockets."

Frump to Friend: "But it's true that women grow in size when we get older."

Friend growled at Frump: "I am NOT that old!"


Geez, I feel sorry for that woman. What can be worse than having an ugly look with lousy personality and disastrous social skills?