Freddy Krueger

“Oh no, PLEASE leave us alone…” That was my instant thought when I read the news report that the government would review the policies on the internet and new media for the next election. Who needs the nanny? Hmm….

The next headline: “Bloggers: Net best left unregulated” got an instant nod from me. Well said. I think bloggers have more common sense than what the authorities are thinking. My experience of blog surfing for months tells me despite some black sheep, local bloggers generally are a bunch of sensible, logical and mature individuals. I can’t agree more that the internet has its own built-in checks and balance, and those senseless and irresponsible blogs will lose readership very quickly, so there is really no need for the authorities to monitor and manage every blog or podcast on the Net.

It surprised me that the authorities believe they have the ability to suppress the power of the internet. I wonder if they are feeling insecure and paranoid because they have no idea what is happening on the Net and have problem catching up?