Zen Vision M  Zen Vision M 

An island-wide buying spree was going on last weekend at the PC Show. Rumour had it that all geeky boys and girls, men and women flocked to Suntec City in a rush to pick up a new toy for themselves. Some of my friends joined the sea of people. I decided to stay out. 

During dinner, a friend came with a shopping bag. He had bought a nice white leather pouch at the PC show for a new toy his wife owns. My eyes sparkled while listening to him talking about his wife's new toy. Soon when she arrived, I asked to see it. It wasn't love at first sight but I was pleasantly surprised to see how pretty it was. After watching a brief demo on how to use it, I was absolutely convinced that I should get one for myself. 

The next day, I stood in front of the showcase in the electronics section of a department store. I was looking at the iPod, admiring its beauty, feeling the urge to hold it, yearning badly to own it. My heart was aching for it.  

“May I help you?” a young guy came forward to inquire. I hesitated for a few seconds and mentioned I wanted to look at Creative Zen Vision M. He reached for the little gadget from the showcase and handed it to me. I held it in my hand and examined it carefully. It looked pretty but I was still indecisive. 

I asked the guy: “Between iPod and Creative Zen Vision M, which is better?” I knew the answer but I wanted confirmation.

“Creative Zen Vision M has better functionalities,” the guy replied.

I nodded and stole another glance at the iPod. Sighing softly to myself, I told the guy that I was getting the Creative Zen Vision M. He scurried away to get a new piece for me. 

I wanted the 'best' but the 'best' isn't the best in terms of functionalities and value for money, so I had to settle for the ‘second best’. I consoled myself that external beauty isn’t everything and eventually inner beauty will shine through.

Goodbye iPod but one day I will come and get you. You are still my dearest dream.

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