Have a nice day!

Here's a cleverly drafted message by WordPress.com for its web server downtime. I saw it, liked it, saved it, and I am sharing it with you because good things are meant to be shared.

OH MY! Life is so unfair! What did I do wrong to be born a server in this day and age? I could have been a nice simple bicycle that people happily rode about on all day. I'm stuck inside this metal case serving web pages instead. I never even see the light of day and all I can hear is the rush of the air-conditioning!

Well, no more! I'm relaxing here with a cup of tea and a biscuit until someone shows me some love and attention.

It never takes them long to fix me when I kick up a big fuss so check back in a few minutes and I'll be chugging along merrily again.


The WordPress.com web server

(WordPress.com, where even the machines have life!)