Mr Bean 

Dan, the funny guy, always makes me laugh. This is an online conversation he had with a friend. I thought it was funny and I borrowed it from him (with permission, of course).

SM:  Why were you in a building alone with a dead person?

SM:  Feels like a CSI episode or something. 😀

Dan: It freaked me out though. I was afraid.

SM: I bet! Was it a foul play situation?

Dan: No.

Dan: He had a viewing at the church I attend.

Dan: They kept his body there over night.

Dan: I was the last to leave.

SM: Ah, I see.

Dan: I was waiting for my wife to pick me up.

SM: That would be creepy.

Dan: So I was with him.

Dan: Dead guy in church building.

Dan: I couldn't believe the funeral place just left the body there.

SM: No kidding.

Dan: I asked the guy when he was leaving, "You just going to leave the body there?"

Dan: He said, "Yes."

Dan: I asked, "What if someone steals him?"

Dan: He said, "We have insurance."

Dan: So I was left with the dead guy.

SM: Ugh.

Dan: I was in the entry way.

Dan: So I could have ran if he was raised from the dead.

SM: LOL. Ha ha.

Dan: The church has a history of that.

SM: Serious? Wow.

Dan: I was talking about Jesus.

Dan: Sorry not funny.

SM: Oh … LOL. Ha ha.