Broken heart

Please bear with me for posting this quiz result. It tickles me but the result holds some truth. It is accurate to a large extent. I am a great breaker in real-life. 🙂 

You're a great breaker-upper. Wow, you're good at this. The rest of us could take a lesson from you: When a relationship ends, you mourn the loss for an appropriate period of time, and then you're able to move on, either finding a new one or remaining single until someone you really like comes along. You can maintain friendships with exes, though it's a little awkward at times. And if you have done something wrong, you're willing to take a look at your behavior, nix unhealthy patterns, and retool your habits for the next guy. "A woman who can accept a relationship ending without beating herself up or wanting to kill the guy — that's a sign of some excellent self-esteem," says Rhonda Findling, author of Don't Call That Man! A Survival Guide To Letting Go (Hyperion, 1999). "It's a sign that she's realistic about herself and healthy in her relationships, and probably won't stay single for long." 

You don't need to change your habits, but you do want to remain steady. Even the healthiest, most self-assured woman is going to match up with some duds, and even the most rational relationshipper can make some bad moves. "The important thing is to know that sometimes, the other person really is a jerk, and be able to tell the difference," says Findling. "The important thing is that you name the things you want: A monogamous relationship, a future, children, whatever it is…and stick to your guns, without wavering." Of course, don't let that list of must-haves get too long, or you might find that your checklist gets in the way of your meeting new people.

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