Over a cup of coffee, listening to my friend lamenting about work and watching her getting excited over the latest Korean drama series, I suddenly had an urge to go over to her and wrap my arms around her and tell her how much I enjoyed her company. But instead I sat still on my chair, nodding and smiling at her, wondering how she would react if I had hugged her. There were two possibilities. She would either be too stunned for words or she would let out a loud scream and embarrass me in public. Like me, my friend isn't an expressive and outwardly affectionate person, and giving hugs isn't something we practise. She shows her care for me in other subtle ways, like compiling Korean songs and burning them on a CD for me, lends me her Korean drama series set and magazines without me having to ask her first, buys me nice little things when she goes shopping, tells me where to find good bargains in town and so on.

Old friends always do wonders to me. I feel loved and I want to love them back. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon being with her and chatting our hours away; so much better than searching for galore of bargains in The Great Singapore Sale.