mac breakfast  yummy food

In good days, if I get up exceptionally earlier than usual, I like to visit the nearby MacDonalds and indulge in a hearty breakfast. While savoring the food, I will either be busy surfing the net or writing a blog entry on my laptop. A perfect morning timeout for me is spending few hours at the MacDonalds with no distraction and other disturbance — just me, my MacDonalds breakfast and my laptop.

At one point in time, I was also crazy over Burger King's breakfast. But I felt increasing guilty for allowing myself to indulge in fast food for daily breakfast, so one day while scanning the pictures of the various breakfast sets on the menu, I asked the lady in uniform for her opinion: "Which is a healthier choice?" The lady must have found me odd, for she looked at me and replied with a straight face: "THIS IS FAST FOOD."