Ahn Owen Beckham

Yesterday's Sunday Times featured a column about women pretending to be soccer fans when in fact they are not and I can relate to some of the things the writer mentioned. I cringe whenever I see girls talking about football and the guy's things, because somehow I find these girls too pretentious. Ok, maybe they do like the guy's things, but I just don't get the feeling they really do. They look like they are trying too hard to get the guys to notice them and perceive they are different from the other girls. Want to know how I can tell? It's easy. When a girl is truly passionate about something, it shows in the way she talks about it. There are signs I can pick up — her tone of voice, the shine in her eyes, the big grin on her face, the little pins and badges on her bags, her clothes, her accessories and so on. The signs are everywhere. It is hard not to notice.

The writer proceeded to assure that guys are fine with women not knowing anything about football or just watching the game for the guys. "If you keep screaming at a football match, you lose all your credibility." He emphasized. Again I conceded. Frankly, I can never understand the constant shrieking by women at a horror movie, at a football game, or even at a piano concert (no kidding). When I am enjoying something, I will be so absorbed into it that I will hardly have time to scream. I am bewildered how some women could time their screaming at the precise moment. It is as if there is a mysterious person hiding somewhere with a remote control in his hand and he presses the ‘scream' button at calculated precised timing to make those women scream. It is amusing.

Ask me if I know anything about football, all I can tell you is that I know who David Beckham, Michael Owen and Ahn Jung-Hwan are, and I do watch World Cup but only the finals. So guys, I am not sorry that I know nothing about football. Ok, maybe I am not a "cool" chick but heck, who cares? * shrugs*

And, for girls out there, if you are REAL soccer fans, please continue to be and have a great time watching the game. But, remember to do what the writer has pleaded – "Just don't spoil it for the men."

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