Your smart chart

Today I hit upon a brilliant idea after reading Mr Miyagi's blog on Singapore's ranking by the Reader's Digest courtesy test. He wrote, "We don't need to be courteous! We have machines to be courteous on our behalf! Serious! You've been spoken to by those very courteous talking lifts which very kindly not only tell you what floor your lift has stopped at, they also tell you if the door is opening or closing."

Looking at the futile result of the courtesy campaigns that have been running in Singapore for more than a quarter century, I think it is time we think out of the box to tackle the issue. My suggestion is for the Government to mass-produce a tiny portable talking machine that would help us utter polite phrases on our behalf, and to make it compulsory for every citizen to use it in our every day life. 

Imagine having this cool machine that stores pre-recorded  words and phrases like "Please", "Thank You", "Excuse Me", "I'm Sorry" and many more. To ensure that the older folks would not be left out, the machines could translate polite phrases into different dialects. Instructions to use are simple: Press 1 for "Please", Press 2 for "Thank You", Press 3 for "Excuse Me" and Press 4 for "I'm Sorry". All we have to do is to beep the machine at someone whenever the occasion calls for courteous words to be uttered. Flashing pictures of our smile at our counterpart is optional. But why not show off our nice pictures since we already have a huge photo gallery stored in our cam phone?

Wouldn't you agree that life would be easier if only we had that darn cool talking machine? No more worries for being misunderstood by surveyors who don't know us well. And who knows we may even move Singapore's ranking up by a few notches in the next global courtesy test.

I think automated courtesy is so cool. Wow, don't know why I am brilliant today. Heh heh.

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