thin & healthy 

Mr Brown celebrated his successful ‘downsizing’ in his blog. After months of healthy eating and exercises, he has successfully downsized himself from size ‘XL’ to size ‘M’. Pretty amazing. I only managed to downsize myself from size ‘M’ to size ‘S’ and give up struggling for size ‘XS’.

‘Downsizing’ is one of the greatest achievements of mankind in Singapore.  No kidding. I share the same view with Mr Brown that most food we find in Singapore is unhealthy and putting on weight is as easy as ABC.

A Japanese friend who was once living in Singapore found it puzzling that young girls here could be so thin and slim. Somehow I suspect the girls did something extreme to themselves in order to squeeze into tiny outfits. Slimming and beauty salon owners with fierce determination on growing wealth has consistently bombarded images of super-thin models at us and I wouldn’t be surprised that most women here have been completely brain washed.

I confess I was once a victim of the slimming ads. In fact, I have tried and tested so many different slimming methods that I could be qualified as a slimming consultant. To tell the truth, none of the methods would work for long term. My weight behaved like a yo-yo for many years and I was disheartened.

Frustrated, I finally called it quit and let the pounds added on. But two years ago I had an awakening. I was slightly overweight at that time and a nurse promptly dropped a bomb on me that my cholesterol level was hovering at borderline case. I had other health glitches too. All were minor but nonetheless irritating and discomforting. All thanks to my long-hours deskbound job and my stupid boss for causing the stress and my binging to de-stress.

My health was in a mess and I was devastated. I decided to leave my job and go full time to search for the formula to become healthy again. Most of the doctors I consulted were nightmares. They were cold and aloof and none of them cared about my health. I had sleepless nights. Finally a friend told me about a Chinese Sinseh and I went religiously every week to pay pilgrimage. Every visit was tormenting; he would tell me how unhealthy I was and I would go home with a laden heart.

One fine day out of desperation, I begged the Sinseh for a cure. He flatly refused and spoke these golden words, “Only you can help yourself, no doctor can. Start eating healthy and exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle TODAY.”

It was a wake-up call. I took his advice seriously and the rest is history. Today I am a much healthier and happier person.

I am still obsessed about my weight nowadays but my focus has shifted. Contrary to what most people know, the secret on losing weight and achieving health is not so much about the type of food we eat and the exercise we do. The REAL secret is about sheer discipline and determination.