June 2006

Ahn Owen Beckham

Yesterday's Sunday Times featured a column about women pretending to be soccer fans when in fact they are not and I can relate to some of the things the writer mentioned. I cringe whenever I see girls talking about football and the guy's things, because somehow I find these girls too pretentious. Ok, maybe they do like the guy's things, but I just don't get the feeling they really do. They look like they are trying too hard to get the guys to notice them and perceive they are different from the other girls. Want to know how I can tell? It's easy. When a girl is truly passionate about something, it shows in the way she talks about it. There are signs I can pick up — her tone of voice, the shine in her eyes, the big grin on her face, the little pins and badges on her bags, her clothes, her accessories and so on. The signs are everywhere. It is hard not to notice.

The writer proceeded to assure that guys are fine with women not knowing anything about football or just watching the game for the guys. "If you keep screaming at a football match, you lose all your credibility." He emphasized. Again I conceded. Frankly, I can never understand the constant shrieking by women at a horror movie, at a football game, or even at a piano concert (no kidding). When I am enjoying something, I will be so absorbed into it that I will hardly have time to scream. I am bewildered how some women could time their screaming at the precise moment. It is as if there is a mysterious person hiding somewhere with a remote control in his hand and he presses the ‘scream' button at calculated precised timing to make those women scream. It is amusing.

Ask me if I know anything about football, all I can tell you is that I know who David Beckham, Michael Owen and Ahn Jung-Hwan are, and I do watch World Cup but only the finals. So guys, I am not sorry that I know nothing about football. Ok, maybe I am not a "cool" chick but heck, who cares? * shrugs*

And, for girls out there, if you are REAL soccer fans, please continue to be and have a great time watching the game. But, remember to do what the writer has pleaded – "Just don't spoil it for the men."

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 mac breakfast  yummy food

In good days, if I get up exceptionally earlier than usual, I like to visit the nearby MacDonalds and indulge in a hearty breakfast. While savoring the food, I will either be busy surfing the net or writing a blog entry on my laptop. A perfect morning timeout for me is spending few hours at the MacDonalds with no distraction and other disturbance — just me, my MacDonalds breakfast and my laptop.

At one point in time, I was also crazy over Burger King's breakfast. But I felt increasing guilty for allowing myself to indulge in fast food for daily breakfast, so one day while scanning the pictures of the various breakfast sets on the menu, I asked the lady in uniform for her opinion: "Which is a healthier choice?" The lady must have found me odd, for she looked at me and replied with a straight face: "THIS IS FAST FOOD."


Over a cup of coffee, listening to my friend lamenting about work and watching her getting excited over the latest Korean drama series, I suddenly had an urge to go over to her and wrap my arms around her and tell her how much I enjoyed her company. But instead I sat still on my chair, nodding and smiling at her, wondering how she would react if I had hugged her. There were two possibilities. She would either be too stunned for words or she would let out a loud scream and embarrass me in public. Like me, my friend isn't an expressive and outwardly affectionate person, and giving hugs isn't something we practise. She shows her care for me in other subtle ways, like compiling Korean songs and burning them on a CD for me, lends me her Korean drama series set and magazines without me having to ask her first, buys me nice little things when she goes shopping, tells me where to find good bargains in town and so on.

Old friends always do wonders to me. I feel loved and I want to love them back. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon being with her and chatting our hours away; so much better than searching for galore of bargains in The Great Singapore Sale.

Broken heart

Please bear with me for posting this quiz result. It tickles me but the result holds some truth. It is accurate to a large extent. I am a great breaker in real-life. 🙂 

You're a great breaker-upper. Wow, you're good at this. The rest of us could take a lesson from you: When a relationship ends, you mourn the loss for an appropriate period of time, and then you're able to move on, either finding a new one or remaining single until someone you really like comes along. You can maintain friendships with exes, though it's a little awkward at times. And if you have done something wrong, you're willing to take a look at your behavior, nix unhealthy patterns, and retool your habits for the next guy. "A woman who can accept a relationship ending without beating herself up or wanting to kill the guy — that's a sign of some excellent self-esteem," says Rhonda Findling, author of Don't Call That Man! A Survival Guide To Letting Go (Hyperion, 1999). "It's a sign that she's realistic about herself and healthy in her relationships, and probably won't stay single for long." 

You don't need to change your habits, but you do want to remain steady. Even the healthiest, most self-assured woman is going to match up with some duds, and even the most rational relationshipper can make some bad moves. "The important thing is to know that sometimes, the other person really is a jerk, and be able to tell the difference," says Findling. "The important thing is that you name the things you want: A monogamous relationship, a future, children, whatever it is…and stick to your guns, without wavering." Of course, don't let that list of must-haves get too long, or you might find that your checklist gets in the way of your meeting new people.

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Mr Bean 

Dan, the funny guy, always makes me laugh. This is an online conversation he had with a friend. I thought it was funny and I borrowed it from him (with permission, of course).

SM:  Why were you in a building alone with a dead person?

SM:  Feels like a CSI episode or something. 😀

Dan: It freaked me out though. I was afraid.

SM: I bet! Was it a foul play situation?

Dan: No.

Dan: He had a viewing at the church I attend.

Dan: They kept his body there over night.

Dan: I was the last to leave.

SM: Ah, I see.

Dan: I was waiting for my wife to pick me up.

SM: That would be creepy.

Dan: So I was with him.

Dan: Dead guy in church building.

Dan: I couldn't believe the funeral place just left the body there.

SM: No kidding.

Dan: I asked the guy when he was leaving, "You just going to leave the body there?"

Dan: He said, "Yes."

Dan: I asked, "What if someone steals him?"

Dan: He said, "We have insurance."

Dan: So I was left with the dead guy.

SM: Ugh.

Dan: I was in the entry way.

Dan: So I could have ran if he was raised from the dead.

SM: LOL. Ha ha.

Dan: The church has a history of that.

SM: Serious? Wow.

Dan: I was talking about Jesus.

Dan: Sorry not funny.

SM: Oh … LOL. Ha ha.

Have a nice day!

Here's a cleverly drafted message by WordPress.com for its web server downtime. I saw it, liked it, saved it, and I am sharing it with you because good things are meant to be shared.

OH MY! Life is so unfair! What did I do wrong to be born a server in this day and age? I could have been a nice simple bicycle that people happily rode about on all day. I'm stuck inside this metal case serving web pages instead. I never even see the light of day and all I can hear is the rush of the air-conditioning!

Well, no more! I'm relaxing here with a cup of tea and a biscuit until someone shows me some love and attention.

It never takes them long to fix me when I kick up a big fuss so check back in a few minutes and I'll be chugging along merrily again.


The WordPress.com web server

(WordPress.com, where even the machines have life!)

Zen Vision M  Zen Vision M 

An island-wide buying spree was going on last weekend at the PC Show. Rumour had it that all geeky boys and girls, men and women flocked to Suntec City in a rush to pick up a new toy for themselves. Some of my friends joined the sea of people. I decided to stay out. 

During dinner, a friend came with a shopping bag. He had bought a nice white leather pouch at the PC show for a new toy his wife owns. My eyes sparkled while listening to him talking about his wife's new toy. Soon when she arrived, I asked to see it. It wasn't love at first sight but I was pleasantly surprised to see how pretty it was. After watching a brief demo on how to use it, I was absolutely convinced that I should get one for myself. 

The next day, I stood in front of the showcase in the electronics section of a department store. I was looking at the iPod, admiring its beauty, feeling the urge to hold it, yearning badly to own it. My heart was aching for it.  

“May I help you?” a young guy came forward to inquire. I hesitated for a few seconds and mentioned I wanted to look at Creative Zen Vision M. He reached for the little gadget from the showcase and handed it to me. I held it in my hand and examined it carefully. It looked pretty but I was still indecisive. 

I asked the guy: “Between iPod and Creative Zen Vision M, which is better?” I knew the answer but I wanted confirmation.

“Creative Zen Vision M has better functionalities,” the guy replied.

I nodded and stole another glance at the iPod. Sighing softly to myself, I told the guy that I was getting the Creative Zen Vision M. He scurried away to get a new piece for me. 

I wanted the 'best' but the 'best' isn't the best in terms of functionalities and value for money, so I had to settle for the ‘second best’. I consoled myself that external beauty isn’t everything and eventually inner beauty will shine through.

Goodbye iPod but one day I will come and get you. You are still my dearest dream.

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