A guy read my blog posts somewhere and wrote in to say that he finds me critical of asian men. No, no, not like that. Just because I ranted at some bad encounters I had with asian men doesn’t make me critical of all asian men. Likewise, we don’t say someone is nice just because he decided not to step on ants. What I am trying to say is: I don’t generalize or stereotype men in general. I am not biased towards local men and I certainly don’t think foreign men are more superior than local guys. I am neutral.

To me, a nice guy is someone who is Considerate, Compassionate and Caring. His skin color is non-issue.

In any case if you haven’t noticed, I am unlike the typical materialistic local girls who only date men with 5 Cs. I have only asked for 3 out of 5. But I know some men couldn’t care less to find out what 3 Cs I am exactly asking for. As long as they see letter C on my list, they give me the tsk-tsk and a look of comtempt. Now, do you understand what stereotyping is?