Secret To Love 

I am thinking of a beautiful Sillypore love story. It goes like this — Local men blame local women for being materialistic and drive them away to foreign maids girls. Local women blame local men for being shallow and send them away to angmoh land. Feud between the two genders goes on endlessly. Their love-hate relationship is so intense that the temperature is enough to set a room on fire. And one fine day, out of the blue, miracle happens. Sparks from both sides start flying across the room towards each other’s direction.

He: Oh boy, I think I have fallen in love with you although I still think you are ugly and materialistic.

She: Oh dear, I think I have fallen in love with you too despite you being unattractive and shallow.

Don’t you love this story? It’s so refreshing. No more ‘I hate you’ kind of finger-pointing. Local men and women live happily ever after. I wish.