A part of me went dead after reading the despondent news yesterday and I walked around in a daze the whole day. There was no intense rage inside me. Just sadness. 

Things are not looking up in Sillypore. I thought they were but I was wrong. It was naïve of me to think that the gahmen is making an effort to change for the better, that they will keep their promise to engage the people in making national policies, that they will make this country a better home for all of us, that we will live up to our national pledge — a democratic society.

See what they have done to Mr Brown for speaking up and sharing his views on rising costs in Sillypore. They resented his guts and suspended his column in TODAY. What is going on here? Are the editors too afraid of the gahmen and have to silence Mr Brown in order to bail themselves out of trouble?

I used to detest the term ‘Sillypore’ when I first came across it, but now I find it absolutely appropriate.

My heart is weeping, Sillypore. How dare you make me so ashamed of being a citizen of this country?

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