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Inspired by Mr Brown’s and Mr Miyagi’s Pod cast “I am a Singaporean”.

“I am a Singaporean”

My family lived in a wooden long house when I was little,

We moved into a HDB flat during the 1970s.

My parents are lowly educated,

They wanted me to learn English

For they had heard that English

Is the entry pass to a bright future.

I am supposedly bilingual

But I am not effectively bilingual.

I speak a unique language called Singlish

That bonds me with my friends and fellow citizens.

I have a bachelor degree from a local Uni,

People told me a degree

Is the ticket to a brighter future.

But when I went for a job interview,

The employer told me they hire only elites.

I found out that my degree

Is just a piece of paper that loses its worth over time,

It serves no more purpose.

I have loans

And little savings.

With every increment of age,

I would soon be perceived a liability.

I am not an elite,

I am simply not good for anybody.

At the time when the government encouraged higher productivity,

And wanted us to get married

And produce more babies,

I did not respond to their calling.

I ignored the many carrots dangling in front of me.

I have stopped listening.

I will decide my own fate,

And dictate my own destiny.

My name is Janice Tan,

But it is only a symbol

That doesn’t mean much.

Who am I? I am who?

I am a Hakka.


I am a Singaporean.

So say we all.