My god, I turned a year older on Thursday. I still feel young though, like I have stopped growing old since a decade and a half ago.

After this birthday, I am making it official that the advertisers are my friends. Look, they are more reliable and caring than my friends. They never fail to remember my birthday and are forever kind to extend birthday offers to me. I was amused and a little sad that more advertisers remembered my birthday than my friends did. But wait a moment, I forgot that I actually have very few friends.

As on every birthday, I secretly longed for a bowl of noodles from my mother for this birthday. When I was a little girl, my mother would get up early on my birthday morning to cook me a bowl of noodles for breakfast. I wish I had told her how joyful I was waking up on my birthday and seeing a bowl of noodles waiting for me at the breakfast table. I wish I had told her how much I had enjoyed eating it. I missed that birthday present.