Try again

First impression counts and it applies to meeting people online as well. I will usually reply a stranger’s email as long as it is a polite email. But politeness is not enough to make me keep on replying emails if no decent conversation takes place after one or two correspondence.

Classic examples of email that land up in the recycle bin are these … …

First email : “Hello, how are you?”

First reply  :  “I am fine. Thank you. Hope you too.”

Second email :  “I am a [insert occupation]

Second reply  :  “I see. Cool.”

Third email : “So what about you?”

[Yawn and press DELETE]

~ ~

Email: “Hey Pretty, care to be friends?”

[My name is not Pretty. I think you got the wrong person. Press DELETE]

~ ~

Email: “Hello, I want to be your friend.”

[Sounds like a loser. Press DELETE]

~ ~

PS: Thanks for the email but I am sorry we can’t be friends. The problem is not you, it’s me.