I have a phobia. It is so serious that I think it could be a sickness. My friends find me overly paranoid and cannot understand my innermost fear.

The dark and ugly cyberspace and the faceless strangers are my greatest fear. Whenever I see my photo being posted online for public viewing, I get cold sweaty palms. The fact that I don’t know who will be viewing my photo and what they will be doing to it makes me extremely nervous. I am not an attention seeker and I protect my privacy fiercely. In my humble opinion, personal photos, if not properly guarded, could be misused and would cause unnecessary attention and harassment.

Imagine walking down orchard road one day and being told by a stranger that he recognizes me from the online photo on my blog and he knows everything about me. Or, imagine a dirty old man giving me a lewd look while telling me that he has come across my photo on some adult site. How humiliating could that be?

I know you people are thinking that I am just a plain jane without looks and boobs and nobody would be interested in my photo. But … … sometimes plain jane has worse luck.