An online acquaintence told me that it makes one feel closer to another person when one can see the person’s face [ie. photo] and not just hear his or her voice and see typed words.

What this acquaintence thinks certainly does not align with my belief.

I believe that it is the mind that makes a person beautiful, not the face. My several months of correspondence with like-minded bloggers has confirmed that I am right. The friendship I have with my blog friends isn’t based on physcial attractiveness. We are connected by our words and minds. We understand what friendship really means. 

I am highly suspicious of anyone who asks to see a person’s photo at an initial stage of correspondence. What does the face have to do with a person’s character? How would a person’s apearance improve the communication between two people? Unless one is shortlisting candidates for the vacancy of a girlfriend or boyfriend, there is really no need to develop a deep curiosity on how an online friend looks like.

I am sure everyone wants to look gorgeous if given a choice. But gorgeous looking people may not necessarily be nice people by default. Befriending someone based on his or her appearance shows how shallow and immature we are.

Frankly, if we ourselves don’t have a beautiful mind, we really don’t deserve to have beautiful friends.