Face & Destiny Seminar

Next time when you meet someone, practise face reading on him. It will save you lots of time finding out if the person is compatible with you as a friend, a business partner or even a spouse.

Be friendly with someone who has fleshy and nice nose because he could be wealthy. If he has a big mouth, he won’t eat you up. It just means that he is good at generating wealth. But if it is the woman who has a big mouth, then watch out. Be her spouse and you will remain unwealthy for the rest of your life. 

You think women with small face and sharp chin look pretty? Unfortunately, small face limits the flow of luck and women with sharp chin would likely end up as men’s mistresses. In face reading, looking pretty is useless. A fleshy face with round chin means good fortune. Think twice before you go under the knife. 

Want to know what kind of husband you would marry? Check your nose. Women with a straight nose would likely marry a professional. Those with a short nose would likely marry a businessman.

Men with small and long eyes usually marry a prettier wife. How to tell if they are happy with their wife? Check the temple at both side of their head (marriage palace). Men with sunken or protruding temples are frustrated in their marriage because they either have a bossy wife or a defiant wife.

Women with right eye bigger than their left usually are husband bullies and vice versa. Wahaha!!!

People with big eyes are sentimental and emotional. Those with small eyes are more cunning but they definitely make better businessmen.

A person with thick eyebrow has a strong character. A person with straight teeth are trustworthy.

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