I'm so smooth 

I am a person of few words. Or rather, my preferred communication method is CTC method. CUT-THE-CRAP. As a matter of fact, I am anti smooth talkers and have never taken smooth talkers seriously in my entire life.  Why? Because I know that eloquent people excel in playing with words and they are capable of using sweet words to blind our eyes and our heart.  Don’t believe me? Just ask yourself how many times in the past you had been attracted to a smooth talker and discovered later all that he had said was simply BS.

We all love hearing compliments (or flattery) and feel super good that someone seems to be paying a lot of attention on us.  It is natural to feel this way and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us do find smooth talkers more interesting than the average folks, I am of no exception. We are naturally drawn to these ‘magnets’ and unconsciously block out our thinking mode. Whenever I find myself attracted to a smooth talker, I will step back and ask myself: Do I trust a salesman? Can I believe 100% his sales pitch? Not surprisingly, my answer is always “NO”.