Dear WMD volunteers and interested parties

Two events that we will be holding in the next few months – and we need volunteers!

29 Sept to 1 October
Singapore Expo

What: Women Make A Difference is this year’s official society/organisation for Women Expo, a wholly-women’s event at the Singapore Expo. We will be given a free booth to promote our anti-child sex tourism/trafficking cause as well as to fundraise through sale of WMD merchandise.

WMD is looking for volunteers to serve at our booth between Friday 29 Sept and Sunday 1 Oct. Volunteers are needed to

  • walk around the hall to talk to people about the cause and to get them to buy our merchandise
  • be prepared to answer questions about the cause and to direct people to our website
  • help with display (set up and tear-down and maintenance!)
  • help count stock and keep track of sales
  • collect data for women who want to join our volunteer force

20-23 October 2006
Krabi, Thailand

What: Women Make A Difference’s director for sporting events Chong Hai-Yen is organising the first ever women’s boot camp. This is an “Amazing Race”-style doubles event with 50 teams (women or mixed teams accepted), where participants will have to go through a series of activities from abseiling to rock climbing to running, swimming … And much more! Funds are being raised for World Vision’s Phuket Patong Street Kids project to help trafficked kids that end up as prostitutes and suffer from HIV/Aids.

Who: WMD is looking for volunteers to:   

  • get teams to sign up for this race. Cost is $398 per person inclusive of race, room and food. Airfare is not included, but we recommend booking at for the best rates.
  • help with getting sponsorship for this event. As it is charged at cost to participants the only way we can raise funds is by getting sponsors who can support this event. It promises to be quite a media-attractive event, with the Tourism Authority of Thailand already giving us their support. We are looking to raise at least $30,000 and hopefully $50,000. Those who can help with this please contact me or Hai-Yen by email, directly, so we can give you a full brief and materials that you can show to sponsors.
  • help administratively and logistically at the race. You will need to pay your own way.

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