(One of my earlier blog entries posted at another blog site.)

Not in order of ranking:

1. Breeze blowing my hair and on my face (Wish I could fly!)

2. The soft, yellow glow on earth in the evening. (So nice and warm!)

3. Watching white fluffy clouds moving slowly in the deep blue sky. (Relaxing.)

4. A starry, starry night. (Wow!)

5. Trees swaying in the wind. (Beautiful.)

6. Tree leaves rustling gently in the breeze. (Sound of music.)

7. Listening to birds chirping in the morning. (Why are they forever so happy?)

8. Little white flowers in a green patch. (Pretty.)

9. The smell in the air after the rain. (Refreshing!)

10. Children’s laughter. (When was the last time I laughed like that?)

11. The sweet, innocent smile on a baby’s face. (My heart goes ga-ga.)

12. My happy food – sashimi, tuna sandwich, roti prata with teh tarik, vitagen. (Yummy!)

13. My energy drink – coffee (Of course!)

14. Drinking coffee in the old, run down neighbourhood coffee shop. (Cheap and good!)

15. Money. (But it doesn’t mean I am evil or greedy.)

16. Learning new things. (Keeps my adrenaline pumping.)

17. Old married couple holding hands and talking softly to each other. (So sweet!)

18. People with a great sense of humour. (C’mon, make me laugh!)

19. Anything funny. (Ha, ha, ha!)

20. People who are really cool and talented. (Wish I were them!)