Just the other day I mentioned to my best friend an online community where I frequently share my thoughts with bloggers in the same blogsphere. At the point when I mentioned that I would always pay back my visit to those who came by my blog, my friend curiously asked me if reciprocity is expected in a blog community. I said no but I feel it is polite to do so. Maybe this is part of asian culture, or maybe it is just me, but I do know of some bloggers who practise the same.

I suppose most people participate in an online community hoping to meet interesting people and make new friends. They do expect some levels of interaction with other people in the community. If I have been visiting someone’s blog and participating in a discussion, I would expect the blog owner to at least ‘say’ hello to me. Likewise, if someone has been regularly visiting my blog, it would be extremely rude for me to ignore him or her.

One thing I really enjoy is blogger-watching (as in people-watching). It provides daily entertainment to me just by reading the entries and comments contributed by the bloggers. Besides getting a good laugh, my daily entertainment includes analysing online personality. Some people sound interesting online but we can never be sure about their real-life personality until we have some face-to-face contact with them.