Female fans  Indian supporters  Queueing for autograph  Signing autograph Russell Peters

Russell Peters, the funny guy, came to town!

For days I was obviously elated that I would be finally seeing Russell Peters in person. Every thought of that funny man was enough to send me roll on the floor and laugh.

I wonder how his girlfriend copes. She must be laughing all the time on every date with him, and then for the next few days groaning in pain because she has laughed so hard that her tummy hurts. Ugh. Awful. I decided to strike Russell Peters’ name off the “to date” list.

Anyway I went ahead to meet Russell Peters at the SCO Hall to watch him make fun of the audiences and have a good laugh at the expense of the ‘victims’.

Russell’s shows were a complete sold-out. He has overwhelming support from the local indian community.  Apparently our indian friends are extremely proud of this funny guy.

Check out www.russellpeters.com