Real Friends 

I thought of a guy friend today. We used to be good friends, or so I thought we were. We had a lot of fun working together and hanging out after work with other friends. He always seemed like a nice person, very cool and calm, sensible and responsible. I adored him.  

Like all good things must end, our friendship came to a sudden halt when he saw the unlovable side of me. I was embroiled in a fight with someone else and anger made me bitter and revengeful. Instead of pointing out my mistakes, he chose to abandon me and walk away from me. Maybe he was too shocked to find out I wasn’t the sweet person he thought I was. 

I didn’t get any clue from him that I was no longer his friend. After the saga, I tried keeping in touch with him and couldn’t fathom why he completely ignored me. It was much later on that I realized he only wanted the lovable side of me as a friend, not the unlovable side of me as a total package for our friendship. 

Among the group of friends whom I hung out with, the girls stayed with me. They embraced me as their friend despite seeing the ugly and unlovable me. It didn’t matter to them that I was bitter and revengeful and illogical in my fit of anger. They remembered the lovable me and allowed the ugly, unlovable me to surface and still accepted me as their friend.

Ironically another guy friend who was the least unexpected to stay with me continued to keep in touch. It was not until that moment when he told me the truth and pointed out my mistake that I realized he was actually my real friend, not the other guy. 

I found myself silly to think that people we had fun together with were our good friends. They were good only when we were having fun together but that was it. They were not there to give us their unconditional love and friendship. Lets put it this way:  for someone who doesn’t understand the true meaning of friendship, he or she would never be anyone’s real friend.