Friends have been telling me what new year resolutions they have made. I felt embarrassed that I had none. They made me feel like I am a ambition-less person with no dreams or desires.

Oh well, looks like I have to make up my own list and stop embarrassing myself. I came up with this (incomplete) list …

1. Be happy.

2. Don’t be unhappy.  =P

3. Give out lots of love to people I love (up the intensity) and love back those who love me.

4. Forgive those who don’t love me and those  who don’t love me as much as I love them.

5. Practise The Law of Attraction (Positive thinking! Positive thinking!)

6. Live a healthy lifestyle (as always).

2007 is gonna be a fantastic year for me. I know it.  🙂

PS: Happy new year to all of you!