Do you know the month of May is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month? Singapore Cancer Society has tied up with eight hospitals/institutions to provide FREE pap smear screening for all women.

Although pap smear screening is more for sexually active women aged 40-60 years old, women who don’t fall exactly into this category should also go for the screening because pre-cancer of the cervical is without symptoms. Early detection and treatment will save your life!  

By the way, the clinic charges a consulation fee although screening is free. You will receive the test report one week after the screening.  

If you haven’t got yours done, call the nearest clinic today and arrange for an appointment. To take advantage of the FREE screening service, you must have the screening done before 31st May, 2007.

Click here to check the list of GP clinics providing FREE screening service:

To understand more about cervical cancer, click this link: