My work is building up. It’s not fun. I have been leaving home early and coming home really late. It is a miracle that I always get in the office on time every morning. This is considered my greatest achievement in life because, um-hum, I had always been punctually late for everything in the past. Anyway, that’s another story.

Although having a real job is great, I do constantly worry about not having quality time for myself any more. The dole I bring home is not fantastic compared to the quality time I used to enjoy. (I value time more than money nowadays because … … I am running out of time.) Every night, while on my way home, I ponder about this issue seriously. For a job that requires me to clock in twelve to fourteen hours a day and doesn’t promise me that I would become rich soon or would allow me to retire early, I am not sure if it is worth it. Whenever I look at my zombie-like colleagues, I pray to God inside my heart to not let me become one of them. (I know some of you must be thinking that I should be grateful that I have a job because there are many jobless people floating about.) Anyway, I am sorry I disgress again.

Back to my main point. I have been thinking what could be done to get out of the rat race. Is there nothing we could do about it? Striking TOTO jackpot prize is surely one of the ways to get us out of the mad race but I reckon I am on the long wait-list with millions of my fellow citizens and the “foreign talents”. *sigh*

A father spoke to me last week telling me that he wanted his son to major in Banking and Finance although his son has indicated another interest. I advised him to respect his son’s choice. But the father rationalized that since almost every job demands long working hours and hard work, we might as well go for one that rewards us handsomely. According to him, the choice is clear. It is just a matter of simple logic and mathematical calculation.