My friends and I competed in an online business game and lost miserably. *blush* In our war room were some polytechnic students competing in the school category and they won in triumph.

While waiting for the final result, we got together and chat. One of the students asked how well we adults had done in the game and my friend replied in all honesty that everyone did badly.

“How come? I thought you adults should know what are the right things to do?” asked one of the students.

To that, I was tempted to tell her adults don’t do what we have learnt from the textbooks. We break rules all the time although we know we shouldn’t do it. That is why the world is in chaos with us messing around. All the right things are reserved for textbooks and observed in classrooms only.

To save us from further embarrassment, my friend and I decided to keep our mouth shut and not reveal more horror facts to the students.

Sometimes it’s best to let the kids learn the hard way.