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Russell Peters, the funny guy, came to town!

For days I was obviously elated that I would be finally seeing Russell Peters in person. Every thought of that funny man was enough to send me roll on the floor and laugh.

I wonder how his girlfriend copes. She must be laughing all the time on every date with him, and then for the next few days groaning in pain because she has laughed so hard that her tummy hurts. Ugh. Awful. I decided to strike Russell Peters’ name off the “to date” list.

Anyway I went ahead to meet Russell Peters at the SCO Hall to watch him make fun of the audiences and have a good laugh at the expense of the ‘victims’.

Russell’s shows were a complete sold-out. He has overwhelming support from the local indian community.  Apparently our indian friends are extremely proud of this funny guy.

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Morgan Westerman pathway to peace determination Joy

Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of listening to Morgan Westerman how a simple goal he had in life turned into something so huge that he could never had imagined. If you are not aware, Westerman is the guy behind the phenomenal success of the widely circulated Flash presentation on the internet, “The Interview With God”.

As he told it, Westerman set a goal for himself to do something to touch the heart of millions of people. With that goal in mind and the help of two friends, he created a flash presentation that combined an inspirational poem with illustrations of beautiful landscape pictures for free download. The online presentation was an instant hit with viewers. Since then, it has been circulated from person to person and has been viewed by millions of people around the world. Viewers are touched by the simple yet powerful inspirational poem and are willing to buy a copy for keeping. 

Today, Westerman runs his own company and continues to inspire millions. 

You can view the online presentation at:

Protest Pensive Interview


This guy is cool. I think I am going crazy over him. Tall, handsome, charming, successful – he has everything a woman wants in her man. But no, these are not the qualities that attract me to him. There are many guys who share the same qualities, and he is just one of them. 

This guy has been in the news and he is gaining popularity outside his country. But I took notice of him only recently when I read about his one-man protest in front of a building in Gwanghwamun. He had joined his peers in a series of one-man protests to ask the local government to withdraw the plan for imposing screen quota for the film making industry. Knowing that he is already an established actor with huge fans base locally and overseas, I am certain that the protest was not another publicity stunt for himself.

Not known to many of my friends, I have a weakness for man who stands up for what he believes. That picture of Jang holding a picket captured my heart instantly. Apparently, the reporters love him too. Impressed by how humble, considerate, caring and compassionate Jang is, the reporters have good things only to write about him. I seriously think that he is a great guy. (Am I naïve?)  

I am so happy that I finally found my dream guy.  

Read interview of Jang Dong Gun at:

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I remember feeling anguish during my early career where I was working in an industry that men dominate. Female co-workers at that time were either assigned to doing mundane administrative tasks or given a secondary supporting role. An old boys’ club rooted firmly inside the company and the old boys took care of one another. Women were hardly given any chance of getting involved in high profile projects and when promotions were coming at the end of the year, it was a no brainer who would move up the corporate ladder. 

That was the time I became conscious of the disadvantage of being a woman in a competitive work place. I wondered how many educated women were facing the same problem as I did, and I also pondered over the struggle of the less educated women in the third world countries, realising how much harder it would be for them to compete with the men for a living. 

That also being the time I began to develop an interest in women’s issues. So, when UNIFEM Singapore ran a membership drive in year 2004, I did not hesitate to sign myself up as a member and a volunteer. Through UNIFEM, I met Theresa Tan, the co-founder of Women Make A Difference International (WMD), with whom I share the same vision and passion in helping the less fortunate women and children in the neighbouring countries.

It has been a fulfilling year for me since I joined WMD. Volunteering does take up a lot of my personal time and some friends are telling me to cut down the work. Their rationale is: non-income generating activities can wait till our retirement age. But life is short and unpredictable and I have no idea if I would ever live long enough to do something meaningful for the society. While I thanked them for their concern, I told them that I am fine with what I am doing now.

Interested to join WMD as a volunteer? Sign up at: 

Carol & Jeff

Jeff rocks ! You must listen to him and partner in his podcast show, "This And That". Cool stuff. It offers "conversational snacks" and one viewer aptly puts it: "A more mature, refined, and less obnoxious version of the Dawn and Drew show."

It used to be Jeff and Pat in "This And That". Now, it is Jeff and Carol. I really think Jeff and Pat made a good team but I must be fair that Carol is new in the show and she needs time to groove around. 

Jeff is my good friend; the gals are not – I mean they are Jeff's friends. Without Pat and Carol, "This And That" would probably be less entertaining, so kudos to the gals for making the show fun to listen to!